Posted by: Jerry Norton | March 13, 2009

Hello world! Together We Can Change the Culture of Kids’ Sports

The title of my  blog says it all.

It is my hope and intention that this becomes yet another forum to  spread the word about the need and the ways to change the culture of youth sports–an effort that should be considered a much needed paradigm shift in youth sports.

Evidence supporting the need for such change can be found in the almost daily  news reports of  inappropriate, abusive, even violent  behavior by coaches, parents, players and fans on athletic fields everywhere.

While I am a believer that change is sorely needed, many parents and coaches still may not agree.  Others may acknowledge that problems exist  but don’t know how to deal with them.

To achieve the paradigm shift I described above, change must start from the bottom–on the playing fields and in the gymnasiums–with coaches, parents and players. For it to become the dominant paradigm, recognized and responsible organizations, community leaders and educators must give it legitimacy by supporting, endorsing and teaching it.

While there is still much to be done, change is starting to come. Organizations such as the Positive Coaches Alliance,  the National Alliance For Youth Sports and the Institute For the Study of Youth Sports  are taking the lead in transforming the face of youth sport by educating coaches and parents. Player-friendly programs like the one I will describe in my next post are beginning  to appear and flourish.

It is to this end that this blog is created.  Please  join me by providing your take on the situation. I invite you to contribute topical articles,  stories or pertanent information on this very important subject.



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